Consumer products

Are you looking for a tent, tarpaulin or layup storage equipment for a boat? We also have products for the consumer market. Our products are high-quality and meet the requirements of customers looking for robust equipment. There are many different suppliers, but only one O.B. Wiik quality.

Solid products for private consumers

Whether you are representing yourself, a club or association, we have several products designed for the consumer market, including tents for self-assembly, furniture, tarpaulins, boat layup storage and boat layup cradles. Some of our products are available for purchase new or second-hand on our website; others are available for hire or purchase – to learn more, simply get in touch with us.

If you are looking for durable products, we have the range you require. We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers that advertise tent products and furnishings in the form of special offers in their shop premises. Our prices are a little higher, but the quality of our products makes up for this.

Hiring – a good option for most people

Are you hosting a small party or event? Our experience is that most people only need to hire our products. Contact us, and we will assist you!