Airplanes, helicopters and aviation equipment are costly investments that must be sheltered appropriately. A WiikHall hangar provides flexibility and first-rate protection at both big and small airports and airfields.

A breeze to fly – a breeze to work in

In traffic, there is nothing that separates them from the sky – but when on the ground and when undergoing maintenance, aircraft and helicopters will need to have a good-quality and capacious hangar that offers plenty of workspace around the fuselage. Easy access for machines and good working conditions for mechanics are important criteria when selecting the right hangar for purchase.

A WiikHall assembled as a hangar has a number of solutions that are specially designed for aircraft operators and airlines; for example, hangars with sheet doors or sliding doors and a height and structure that are suitable for housing planes.

Hangars in the form of a WiikHall can withstand all types of weather conditions and are utilised at both big and small airports and airfields.

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