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Privacy Policy and Cookies


This privacy and cookies policy for O.B.Wiik explains why we collect information about you, how we use this information and how we take care of your privacy.

Privacy Policy and Cookies2020-03-04T05:55:44-05:00

Steel buildings


With a frame of steel and solid cladding in steel plates, you create good manufacturing premises for the industry. Expensive machinery is getting a head start in our steel buildings. Our steel halls are also used as agricultural buildings. With good protection for livestock, people and machinery, our agricultural buildings are a good alternative to traditional farm buildings.

Steel buildings2022-02-15T09:09:16-05:00

Bulk storage


O.B.Wiik has for many years provided solutions for mass storage in bulk. This can be salt, sand, gravel, crushed stone, soil, grain, pellets, waste and the like. It's almost just the imagination that sets the boundaries.

Bulk storage2022-02-15T09:07:59-05:00

Building accessories


Tell us what to use the hall for, and we can assist you with what you need from accessories. Our long experience with different types of business gives us a unique insight into what you need. 

Building accessories2022-02-15T09:07:50-05:00

Related products


If you want to create a successful event, you need a whole lot of planning and consider many details. We have extensive experience in rigging both small and large events. We can help you with all the equipment you need to make an event successful. Our experienced team is ready to help you any time.

Related products2022-02-15T09:09:12-05:00

Consert and Event buildings


Do you need a concert hall or are you hosting an event that involves audio-visual elements? Hiring a concert hall will meet your needs. A large, spacious structure that allows the assembly of heavy sound and lighting equipment above the audience makes this a complete product.

Consert and Event buildings2022-02-15T09:08:28-05:00